Martrydöd – “Cashless Society”

Back in 2016, the Swedish band Martyrdöd released List, an album of absolutely brutal crusty and metallic d-beat. This album had absolutely nothing to do with the election of Donald Trump, and yet in the immediate aftermath of that election, it felt cleansing and revitalizing. The world hasn’t exactly gotten a whole lot better in the last two and a half years, so I could really stand to have a new Martyrdöd album in my life. I’m getting one. So are you. Rejoice.

This spring, Martyrdöd will return with a new LP called Hexhammaren. (The title does not mean anything, at least as far as I can tell, but it sounds badass.) In a press release, the band says that the new album is “way more metal than expected.” It includes one song called “War On Peace,” another called “Pharmacepticon,” and still another one called “Sthlm Syndrom,” so you already know this thing is going to rip your face off. There’s also a bonus cover of d-beat originators Discharge’s 1993 gut-ripper “After-War Scars,” so that should kick a lot of ass, too.

First single “Cashless Society” is a fast, grimy, towering onslaught. Heard at a loud-enough volume, it feels something like elephants stampeding all over your face. It rules. Listen below.

Hexhammaren is out 5/10 on Southern Lord.

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