Truth Club – “Not An Exit”

Truth Club – “Not An Exit”

Truth Club are a band based out of Raleigh, NC, and in a few months they’ll release their debut album, Not An Exit, through Tiny Engines. Its lead single is also its title track — it’s an intense and nervy song about being trapped within yourself and coming to the realization that there are no easy outs.

Threaded through are Travis Harrington’s vocals, which howl and growl and lock in dead-eyed with the rest of his band. He plows through ruminative lines like “I can work so long on a dissolve/ But there is not an exit,” as the music gloomily rumbles and roils behind.

Here’s how Harrington frames the track and Truth Club’s debut album:

Not An Exit as a whole really involves me trying to process and understand the ways in which physical spaces I inhabit echo the relationships and experiences I’ve had with myself/others within them. I think in this song especially, I consider how much my own body plays a role as one of these places, and try to reconcile the frustration that even in times where all I’d want to be is someplace else, I can’t exactly leave my own body behind.

Listen below.

01 “I Know There Is”
02 “Student Housing”
03 “Path Render”
04 “No Planned Sequel”
05 “Luminescence”
06 “Naesha”
07 “Not An Exit”
08 “Tethering”
09 “Dry Off”

Not An Exit is out 5/3 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Logan Murray

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