Madlib Addresses Rumors Of Mac Miller Collab EP

Over the last couple weeks, rumors have been swirling about some material that Madlib and the late Mac Miller recorded together after Chicago producer Thelonious Martin mentioned the existence of a project, known as Maclib, during an interview.

Today, Madlib has addressed the project in a post on Rapcats, saying that there are no plans to release the material, and that it was part of an EP that had reached no definite state of completion.

As explained in the post, Madlib and Miller met while working together on Freddie Gibbs’ Piñata, and in 2015 Miller had started to mess with some beats that Madlib provided. They decided to do an EP together after Madlib played one of those tracks during a festival set, and their collaboration continued on-and-off until Miller’s death last year. But Madlib was clear that “the idea [behind the project] was to create for creation’s sake.”

So it looks like we won’t be getting any sort of “Maclib” project soon, though that hasn’t stopped Madlib from dropping some of the Miller collaborations in his sets. Over the weekend, he played a track featuring Miller, Thundercat, and Freddie Gibbs during a set: