Stereogum Presents: Nochella

You pick the unlikely music festival a Stereogum writer has to cover...

Spring is upon us and the air is losing its oppressive chill. Festival season rears its head every year when our bodies are mid-thaw, vulnerable and lonely enough to submit ourselves to days of collective debauchery and dehydration.

Our raw intentions are laid bare under the unfamiliar sun as we revert to a high school-style ecosystem. The jocks are shotgunning beers, the stoners haven’t moved from that tree in six hours, the pretty girls are taking selfies in front of branded backdrops. Zoom out to see this grouping on a larger scale— the festival landscape sees bass junkies, metal heads, music journalists, and “vibe” seekers congregating around their respective events.

It’s easy to feel jaded about the whole thing. But this year, I’m leaning into the discomfort and isolation with a project I call “Nochella.” You, reader, will decide on which festival I endure and write about. Will I end up on a cruise hosted by Sister Hazel or mingling with Elvis cover bands in Las Vegas? Maybe I’ll rave at a waterpark or witness DJ Snake’s first-ever Utah performance. The choice is yours and Stereogum will send me there.

From now until 3/29, you can comment on this post with festival nominations. Voting on those suggestions will begin the following week. Festivals must be music-related and take place in the US between May and September. Let the games begin.

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