Ryan Pollie – “Aim Slow”

Ryan Pollie is releasing a new album later this year, his first since changing his name from Los Angeles Police Department and his first since a cancer diagnosis last year. That unfortunate turn of events hangs over the album’s first single, “Aim Slow,” which comes along with a music video that intercuts home video footage from childhood with scenes from the hospital during chemotherapy. “I’m scared and I am running through my memory, just to see if you were there,” Pollie sings on it, a pillowy backing warm and resolute. “Though I aim slow, my god’s insane, my God’s insane,” he repeats, a gentle rebuke at the absurdity of life.

“Releasing some new music soon — the first since I got sick (I’m better now!). I’m nervous about talking about cancer again but also excited because I know that being vulnerable about it is how I’m going to work past some stuff and move through it all,” he wrote in an Instagram post recently, continuing:

My music and sharing my story are one in the same so I’m gonna be posting some gnar gnar cancer stuff for a bit and then NEVER AGAIN. because the cool thing is once this album comes out, it’s like the last part of that chapter of my life. There’s a ton of love and friends in this story and even tho it’s a bit uncomfortable, it’s what I feel I gotta do.

Watch and listen below.

01 “Bleomycin”
02 “Aim Slow”
03 “Getting Clean”
04 “Get Better Soon”
05 “Only Child”
06 “Raincoat”
07 “Leaving California”
08 “Stereo”
09 “Eyes Of Vermont”
10 “Saturn Return”

Ryan Pollie is out 5/17 via ANTI-. Pre-order it here.