Mess – “Dead Space”

Mess – “Dead Space”

The Kansas City, MO band Mess have an EP, 2017’s heartswithholes, and a solitary single, last year’s “Cave,” to their name so far. Next week, they’re putting out their debut album, Learning How To Talk. Mess recently went on tour with the Illinois Best New Band Bristletongue, and they share a similar sonic DNA with that group: a lot of open air and quiet contemplation, and a powerhouse vocalist.

In Mess’ case, that vocalist is Allison Gliesman, and on their new single “Dead Space,” Gliesman fills up the room with that yawning expanse, with lyrics that evoke visceral anatomy: “I’ll watch you clean your insides out again/ It’s dead space — our bodies hollowed out/ Peel the layers off our fate like dead skin now.” “Dead Space” is compact but impactful, a coming-to-terms in miniature.

Listen below.

“Dead Space” is out now. Their debut album, Learning How To Talk, is out 3/29.

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