Patrick Carney And Cheetah Chrome Get In A Bar Fight In Sad Planets’ “Yesterday Girls” Video

Sad Planets is John Petkovic from Cobra Verde and Sweet Apple’s new project with Patrick Carney of the Black Keys. The two had never written music together, so when they finally got to it, the result ended up being an LP aptly named for their shared hometown Akron, Ohio.

Despite the heavy Buckeye influences, the video for “Yesterday Girls” was shot at Nashville’s oldest dive bar, the Springwater Supper Club and Lounge. The bar has quite a reputation in Music City, having once hosted a full spectrum of celebrities and musicians including Al Capone, Jimmy Hoffa, Hank Williams Sr., and Taylor Swift. The video opens with Carney playing a chill game of pool against yet another Northeastern Ohio rock legend, Cheetah Chrome of Dead Boys and Rocket from the Tombs. They take a moment to flip through a yellowed newspaper, when an eccentrically dressed couple, played by actor-musicians Flannery Lunsford and Jenn Hall, busts through the doors. The result? A Star Wars-like duel — but with pool sticks.

According to Petkovic, who directed the video, “It’s a tale of low-rent chivalry set in a dive bar… A guy walks in, gets insulted and starts fighting. A girl walks away, unimpressed with it all. And twelve pool sticks were broken in the process.” No word as to whether Carney’s personal experience with altercations in bars informed the storyline.

Check out the video below.

Akron, Ohio is out 4/19 on Tee Pee Records. Pre-order the album here.