Dumb – “Club Nites” Video

Dumb – “Club Nites” Video

Dumb are a Vancouver rock band with a frantic energy that reminds me of early Dismemberment Plan, Parquet Courts, and Pavement when they were deep under the influence of the Fall and Swell Maps (which is to say it also reminds me of the Fall and Swell Maps). Their new album Club Nites — not to be confused with the Bay Area collective Club Night — attempts to redefine popular notions of “the club,” zeroing in on the petty social conflicts and faux pas that often infect the nightlife in local scenes. It’s coming out at the beginning of summer. It’s very good.

Today the band has shared a video for the title track. A disjointed tangle of nervous energy, it seems to pick up shrapnel and debris as it rolls along, all while maintaining some semblance of pop music. The songs arrives with a video by Quincy Arthur that plays on the album’s themes. Lead singer Franco Rosino had this to say about it:

Social interaction often gets institutionalized by the club, and this song breaks down some of the anxieties and joys of being at the club/ thinking about the club, but as if we are at the club whenever we are in public.

At the club at night-time, we are permitted to loosen our language and become uninhibited, we do what we want rather than what we are required to. A light is shed on previously hidden motives, and our daytime secrets become revealed embarrassingly.

Watch below.

01 “Club Nites”
02 “Submission”
03 “Don’t Sleep”
04 “Beef Hits”
05 “Cursed”
06 “My Condolences”
07 “Content Jungle”
08 “Some Big Motor Dream”
09 “Fugue”
10 “De Mas”
11 “Columbo”
12 “Slacker Needs Serious Work”
13 “Knot In My Gut”
14 “CBC Radio”

Club Nites is out 6/7 on Mint Records. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Marisa Holmes

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