Panda Bear – “Buoys” Video

Last month, veteran space-time traveler Panda Bear released his solo album Buoys, a relatively rustic affair that he produced with his old buddy and longtime Animal Collective collaborator Rusty Santos. And today, Panda Bear has dropped his video for the album’s title track. Unlike the album, the new video is decided not rustic. Instead, it’s a supremely bugged-out vision.

The clip takes the form of a sort of psychedelic alien dating show. Two iridescent-skinned women vie for the affections of an adorable French bulldog, who sometimes sings Panda Bear’s lyrics and sometimes wails its existential agony. Butt-sniffing is involved. There are also dancers in face-obscuring full-body jumpsuits and multicolored strobe effects. And through all this wild silliness, the video still manages to convey a narrative about connection — just not human connection. The clip’s star is Beatrice, a professional French bulldog actor best-known for playing Stella on Modern Family. Danny Perez, another longtime Animal Collective collaborator, directs.

Of the video, Panda Bear says:

Dogs see past how many followers we have and how many tickets we sell. This allows us to relax, be ourselves and not sweat the small stuff. I wanted to make a video that relayed the themes of the song’s lyrics to the confidence and bliss that comes from the relationship with an animal.

Here’s the clip:

Buoys is out now on Domino.