No Aloha – “My Darling”

Portland, Oregon-based indie-pop band No Aloha have released a new song called “My Darling.” The track is from their upcoming debut album, Okay Alone, due in June, and arrives just not long after frontwoman Brette Irish put out a reissue of 2018 collection Capital Cities earlier this month.

“My Darling” punches out with a pulsating synth tone backed by an echoing drum machine. Combined with the glittering synths, Irish’s childlike vocals give this track an undeniably buoyant character. Especially when the chorus dives in, the space feels as though it’s also been submerged in a cheerful way. It truthfully feels like a wave crashing in slow motion. There’s a Wurlitzer accent that accompanies the melody towards the end that’s very reminiscent of the lavish breakdown on Lana Del Rey’s “Venice Bitch.”

Listen to “My Darling” below.

01 “In Your Car”
02 “The Big One”
03 “Green”
04 “My Darling”
05 “Fall Away”
06 “Dreams”
07 “Break My Heart”
08 “Diversions”
09 “Shadow”
10 “Spacey Lo”
11 “Summer Fall”
12 “Hazy”

Okay Alone is out 6/7 on Good Cheer Records. Pre-order the album here.

CREDIT: Claire Gunville