Josephine Wiggs – “The Weeping Of The Rain”

Last month, Josephine Wiggs announced a solo album and shared its lead single, “Time Does Not Bring Relief.” Most of the tracks on the upcoming album, titled We Fall, are instrumental and experimental. Today, the Breeders bassist has released a new song, called “The Weeping Of The Rain.”

This track is also instrumental, and opens with a singularly pulsating piano key. A melancholic bass line and string section are soon introduced, and the arpeggiated key blossoms into full chords. They linger in the air, and rise and fall independently of the atmospheric key. A large timpani sweeps in with grand echoes and shimmering cymbals, making this track feel simultaneously meditative and ruminating. Shared alongside the track is another artful accompanying video, this one featuring prolonged shots of twitching flowers in ultraviolet hues.

Listen to “The Weeping Of The Rain” below.

We Fall is out 5/17 on The Sound of Sinners. Pre-order it here.