Valee – “You & Me Both”

Valee – “You & Me Both”

The Chicago rapper Valee, who we named one of the best new artists of last year, is known for his unique vocal delivery. He approaches the mic delicately, with so much finesse that it becomes its own kind of power. His flow has been influential, but no one does it quite like Valee.

We get to hear it loud and clear on new single “You & Me Both,” though maybe “loud and clear” is not the right description for vocals that barely rise above the level of a creaky whisper. Over a crisp, understated trap beat with a woozy synth melody, Valee makes this his refrain: “I bought Gucci not for me, but for you and me both.” How generous and thoughtful! “Womp Womp” remains the definitive Valee hit, but this one’s a fantastic funhouse window into his world.

(Side note: I love that the little dog Valee carries around with him in a backpack — including onstage — is on the cover art.)

Listen below.

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