Injury Reserve – “Koruna & Lime” Video

With wildly original singles like “Jawbreaker” and “Jailbreak The Tesla,” Arizona rap trio seem ready to make some kind of leap, so we named them a Band To Watch ahead of their upcoming major-label debut album. Today they’ve confirmed the self-titled LP is out 5/17 and shared another great video, this time for album opener “Koruna & Lime.”

Once again, the video is directed by Parker Corey, the Injury Reserve member responsible for producing the group’s hard-hitting deconstructed beats. “Koruna & Lime” certainly qualifies — the track thumps like futuristic junkyard music while Stepa T. Groggs and Ritchie With A T talk their shit. The video makes impressive use of mirrors and swiveling cameras, turning a low-budget setup into something visually stunning. Oh, and the song features additional scratching from none other than A-Trak, which works its way into Corey’s camera maneuvering.

Watch below.

Injury Reserve is out 5/17 on Loma Vista. Pre-order it here.