Olden Yolk – “Distant Episode” Video

With the release of “Cotton & Cane,” psych-folk duo Olden Yolk announced the release of a new album a few weeks back. Living Theatre — named for an experimental thespian movement in New York — is creeping up fast, so the band is back today with a second preview. “Distant Episode,” which arrives with an archival video by Olden Yolk members Caity Shaffer and Shane Butler, is giving me Beach House and Sigur Rós vibes.

Here’s what the band had to say in a press release:

“Distant Episode” is about rituals of escape, the ties between women, and summoning courage. The title references a Paul Bowles story of the same name, about a linguistics professor whose tongue gets cut out. The video was inspired by a certain time of night, when you can walk down some street and see TV screens flickering on the inner walls of houses.

Did you skim over the part where they said this song is based on a short story “about a linguistics professor whose tongue gets cut out”? That’s some gnarly shit! “Distant Episode,” however, is sublimely pretty. Hear it below.

Living Theatre is out 5/17 on Trouble In Mind. Pre-order it here.

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