Bedouine – “Echo Park” Video

Two years ago, Azniv Korkejian, the Los Angeles musician (and Artist To Watch) who records under the name Bedouine, released a lovely, promising self-titled debut. Next month, she’ll follow it up with a new album called Bird Songs Of A Killjoy. In the past few weeks, she’s shared two of its songs, “When You’re Gone” and “Bird,” and they’ve both been absolute killers. Today, she’s letting us hear a new one called “Echo Park,” and this one is great, too.

The song is another hazy reverie that calls back to the oblique, folk-influenced singer-songwriter pop of the ’70s. Over acoustic-guitar flutters and glowing organ sounds, Korkejian rhapsodizes about her Los Angeles home: “While my love’s away at work, I bop and weave through the side streets of Sunset Boulevard, where everybody’s off guard.” Later on in the song, she frets slightly about things like “the rising price of coffee,” but it’s clear that this is still a loving ode to a particular Los Angeles neighborhood, a place where Korkejian hopes to stay “as long as my rent don’t climb.” You can hear anxiety in there, if you’re looking for it, but it’s buried under bliss.

There’s bliss in the video, too. Director Tom Salvaggio, who also worked with Korkejian on the “Bird” video, films Korkejian as she ambles through Los Angeles, shopping at farmers’ markets and used book stores, sitting out on blankets in the park with friends. She also ties a silk scarf around her hair and pilots a vintage convertible down mansion-lined streets, which is some real baller shit. It’s enough to make you wonder why you don’t live in Los Angeles — or, if you do live in Los Angeles, why you don’t appreciate it more. Watch it below.

Bird Songs Of A Killjoy is out 5/31 on Spacebomb Records. Pre-order it here.