Offset Wanted In Felony Phone-Smashing, And Everyone Involved Looks Terrible

Here’s one of those delightful stories where everyone involved looks like an asshole. Right now, as TMZ reports, Migos member Offset is wanted in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Police there have a warrant for his arrest, and they’re pursuing it as a felony. Last week, Offset was shopping for a baby stroller in a Sandy Springs Target. A random 18-year-old noticed him and started filming him with a phone. Offset responded by knocking the kid’s phone out of his hand and reportedly saying, “Get that fuckin’ phone out of my face” before leaving the store. (TMZ has the video.) The phone’s screen is now broken. And because the phone costs $800, that’s enough for the police to hit Offset with a felony charge.

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Now. Let’s get into this. First off: An internationally known recording artist should not smack onlookers’ phones out of their hands. Obviously. If you’re a glamorous and famous person, you just have to put up with that shit, even when you’re doing non-glamorous and frankly irritating shit like shopping at Target. It’s just part of the job.

But if you’re that kid, then fuck you. Come on. It’s not like you saw Offset in a club VIP or something. He wasn’t posing for photos. He was engaging in one of the many, many menial tasks that come with parenthood. You are not entitled to get up in his space, or to get his face onto your Instagram feed. And you can’t call yourself a fan if you then file a police report, as this kid did. Offset has prior felonies. You’re going to get him sent to prison for this? Really?

And if you’re the Sandy Springs police, then fuck you, too. Offset didn’t destroy that phone. That’s a cracked screen. I’ve had a cracked screen before. It’s embarrassing, but it’s fine. You can replace a cracked screen. That’s like $80 at a mall kiosk. The kid probably made a whole lot more than that for sending TMZ the video. And the kid should’ve had a better case on the phone in the first place, especially if he’s out here filming rappers while they shop at Target. Prisons are crowded enough; we don’t need to be handing out felony charges over cracked iPhone screens. Jesus. Bad work, everyone.

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