Watch Adam Sandler Joke With Shawn Mendes Ahead Of His First Time Hosting SNL

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Adam Sandler will make his hosting debut on this weekend’s episode. He claimed he wasn’t cut out for the job back in 2014 but, unsurprisingly, he’s a natural in the new promo. It’s been 24 years since Sandler was on SNL, breaking Dan Aykroyd’s record for most time between being in cast and hosting.

The teaser video features Leslie Jones and musical guest Shawn Mendes. “It is so great to have you back at SNL after 24 years,” Jones says. Sandler retorts, “24 years, that’s like one Shawn Mendes ago.” Mendes informs him that he is only 20.

“I waited 24 years to host until I had something very important to say,” Sandler says before whipping out a piece of paper. “Here we go: Wallabadoo.” Watch the promo below.