Watch Lil Nas X Play “Country Or Nah” With Desus & Mero

Before he made the unstoppable monster single “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X was a visible Twitter guy, a vocal and engaging member of Nicki Minaj’s Barbz stan army. And back before they launched their own Showtime talk show — and before the Vice show and podcast that preceded them — ridiculously funny human beings Desus Nice and the Kid Mero were Twitter monsters, too. So it only seems right that Lil Nas X’s first appearance on late-night TV came on last night’s episode of Desus & Mero. Twitter sensations look out for each other.

Lil Nas X is clearly still getting used to the idea of talking on camera, but Desus and Mero did everything they could to make him comfortable, turning their stage a fake BBQ joint. (Desus wore a Yankee cowboy hat, which was delightful.) In a quick interview, they got into heady topics, like why Lil Nas X performed at the Stagecoach festival but not at Coachella: “Stagecoach is for country music.” (They didn’t ask him why he has “Nas” in his name, which is a great show of restraint on their part.) During the interview, Lil Nas X also mentioned that he’d only performed “Old Town Road” once — apparently the John Mayer thing hadn’t happened yet — and then he went ahead and performed it with his band.

But the best part of Lil Nas X’s Deusus & Mero appearance came when he played a game called “Country Or Nah.” Desus and Mero would rattle off a bunch of things, and Lil Nas X rendered a verdict on whether those things are country or not. So spaghetti is country, and ghosts are not country, both of which were surprises to me. Things that are country include hot sauce, Nelly, and buying an AR-15 for your toddler. Things that are not country include trick-or-treating, white people with dreadlocks, and kissing your sister. And on the question of whether racism is country, the answer is, “Why you do this to me?” Watch both videos below.

“Old Town Road” remains the #1 single in America. Sorry, Taylor Swift.