Small Crush – “All I Need”

Small Crush – “All I Need”

Small Crush are a band out of Oakland, and they’ve been putting out stray tracks and demos since 2017, mostly lovesick indie-pop songs that make your heart swell and your teeth ache. Their band name is an accurate depiction of their music, which chronicles low stakes that they make feel immense, songs that are filled with the indecisiveness and wonder of being love and hopelessly in love.

The album’s lead single, “All I Need,” is breezy and assured. Bandleader Logan Hammon’s voice has a way of compressing, folding itself into the nooks and crannies of the songs she constructs with the rest of the group. “So won’t you sing me a song?/ All night long about love,” she sings on its lilting chorus, desperate to stoke the fires of a connection. “Won’t you sing it to me? Show me what it feels to have enough.”

Listen below.

Small Crush’s self-titled debut is out 7/28 via Asian Man Records. Pre-order it here.

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