Giant In The Lighthouse – “Sprinting”

Peggy O’Sullivan and Adrian Sympson started making music as Giant In The Lighthouse as a lighthearted experiment, toying around with song ideas and reflecting on their personal histories. In 2016, they self-released their first demo EP, All Winter. Now, the indie pop duo are gearing to release their proper debut EP, Waving.

The forthcoming EP’s lead single, which we are premiering today, is called “Sprinting.” On the song, O’Sullivan longs for the tenderness of childhood, painting an innocent world over urgent piano keys and energetic drums: “Summertime, I feel the world outside falling into line.”

O’Sullivan provides some background in a statement:

“Sprinting” is about the sweetness and wildness of childhood. Baseball was my life when I was a kid and I was obsessed with these books by Dan Gutman about a kid who could hold a baseball card and be transported back to that players lifetime. Even though it never worked for me I really believed it. The world is magic when you’re a kid, and I still feel that all the time, and that’s what Sprinting is about.

Waving was produced by Andy Rosen and Ben Cassorla, who fell in love with Giant In The Lighthouse’s early demos. “We want our music to feel childlike without being childish,” the band explain. “We want to be warm and soft, but big and visceral. Ben and Andy brought so much life to our little ideas.”

Listen to “Sprinting” below.

CREDIT: Olivia Edvalson

Waving is out 6/28.