Kevin Federline’s Album Starts Leaking

How many of you heard that a postpartum Spears had heard K-Fed’s finished tracks and wasn’t impressed? And then said a silent prayer to the internet? Here you go.

Aaron sez: “Federline’s been working on his album with Disco D. D was posting on the message boards and everyone was hating on the concept so he posted up a sample from the album” (link dead)

K Fed – “Y’all Aint Ready” (MP3) (new, working link)

According to Disco D, Kev’s stopped writing songs altogether. “[H]e doesnt even write anything down he just goes in and straight freestyles.” And, um, in Portuguese on at least one track.

More Disco D: “You gotta understand the first song we did was the first time my man was ever in the booth. so he wrote 2 songs and then got a copy of fade to black, watched it, and never wrote a lyric down again.”

At least the beat is hot.

Update: According to the Hollertronix boards, K-Fed actually is saying “Pavarotti”: “I’ve been informed that’s just K-Fed slang for papparazzi, he calls them Pavarottis in real life. that’s his style…”

Update 2: Indeed, we were not ready for that. All the deep linking gave the server a fat headache, so we’ve replaced it with a YSI MegaUpload. Post your own in the comments.