Anika Pyle – “Good Woman” Video

Since Chumped broke up a few years ago, Anika Pyle has kept plenty busy. She has a new band, Katie Ellen, who who put out an EP last year and their debut album in 2017, and she recently wrote one of the songs featured in Her Smell — which, coincidentally, just landed on video-on-demand services and is very, very good. Pyle has also been working on solo material, and today she’s sharing one of her new songs.

It’s called “Good Woman,” and it’s a haunting piano lament that finds Pyle mulling over her purity and worth. Her voice stretches out to meet the empty white space, filling up the air with her doubts; it echoes back on itself, a chorus pleading for forgiveness and understanding. “I’m not confident in my prowess to sort out of my good intentions from bad habits,” she sings. “You are patient/ Lord knows I’m trying/ Please don’t leave me, babe/ Swear I’m not lying.” It’s absolutely gutting, a compact song meant for sleepless nights.

The song comes along with a video shot by Her Smell director Alex Ross Perry at Hyperballad Studios in Brooklyn. Listen and watch below.

“Good Woman” is out now.