Hear Art Lown’s “Deep Blue Sea” From Mikey Young’s ’70s Obscurities Comp Sad About The Times

Mexican Summer’s reissue label Anthology Recordings is looking to evoke the carefree, hazy bliss so many hits of the ’70s did with its new compilation album Sad About The Times, dropping in just a few days. The release, compiled by Mikey Young (Total Control/Eddy Suppression Ring) and Keith Abrahamsson (Anthology’s founder and head of A&R) is a bevy of little-known tracks from the ’70s by various artists that hover around the sounds of folk, soft and psychedelic rock.

Young describes his feelings about the compilation and the joys of sharing music in a press release:

For nearly all my 41-year-old life, my most constant joy has been to find new music to love. My next move is usually to force the people around me to listen and hope they feel the same joy. Teenage friends and crushes didn’t care at all about the knowledge I was imparting or the mixtapes I was laboring over, I’m pretty damn sure. City life was a little more receptive, though DJ’ing what I heard as totally life changing, life affirming jams at bars to dudes requesting GnR didn’t always make it feel so. The occasional radio show gives me an outlet to continue sharing tunes but sometimes that feels like firing noise into a blackhole filled with all the other bazillion archival radio streams.

Doing these comps with Keith seem like the logical progression of what I’ve always loved doing. They are the most tangible, most fulfilling experiences I’ve had discovering and sharing music. I’ve learnt a ton and heard songs that make me feel as ecstatic as I did when I first heard songs that made me feel ecstatic. That’s maybe the best thing about doing these, realizing that can still happen.

Today, Anthology has shared a jangly, sun-bleached tune from the compilation called “Deep Blue Sea” by Art Lown. We aren’t provided with any background on the track, so we get an experience close to the one depicted in the comp’s official bio, which flashes back to a pre-Google, pre-Shazam moment when you might hear a song once on the radio and never encounter it again.

Listen below.

01 West – “Sad About The Times”
02 Hollins Ferry – “Lonely City”
03 Randy & The Goats – “N.Y. Survivor”
04 Willow – “Loaves And Fishes”
05 Art Lown – “Deep Blue Sea”
06 Jode – “Tomorrow Is Gone”
07 Norma Tanega – “Illusion”
08 Perth County Conspiracy – “If You Can Want”
09 David Chalmers – “Hotel Room”
10 Jim Spencer – “Another Lonely Day”
11 Hoover – “Absolute Zero”
12 Space Opera – “Holy River”
13 Roger Rodier – “Am I Supposed To Let It By Again (Above The Covers)”
14 Emmett Finley – “Paula’s Song”
15 Sky – “Sing For Me”
16 The Smubbs – “The Running Water”
17 Oliver Klaus – “Here Comes The Sun”
18 Antonia Lamb – “Wolf”
19 Kevin Vicalvi – “Lover Now Alone”
20 Boz Metzdorf – “Sails Across The Sea”
21 Dennis Stoner – “Maybe Someday/Maybe Never”

Sad About The Times is out 5/17 via Anthology. Pre-order it here.