Silverbacks – “Pink Tide”

Silverbacks – “Pink Tide”

The last time we heard from the Dublin band Silverbacks and their three-guitar assault was back in November of last year. That was when they released “Just In The Band,” which ranked amongst our favorite songs that week. “Just In The Band” was their second single of 2018, following the unshakeable “Dunkirk,” which in turn followed a 2017 single named “Just For A Better View.” Each of them were infectious and addicting, and between that and the fact that the band promised a debut album to come in 2019, there was good reason to look forward to more music from Silverbacks. And today, they’re finally back with another new track, called “Pink Tide.”

Like their other recent singles, “Pink Tide” was produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox. Here’s what Silverbacks frontman Daniel O’Kelly had to say about his and his brother Kilian’s inspiration behind the track:

“Pink Tide” is a song about trendy and stylish revolutions that lack substance and never fully materialize. The chorus is inspired by a YouTube compilation I came across called “Make Way For The Queens Guard!!!” It’s pretty much the Queen’s Guard yelling the video title every time a tourist impedes them from completing their duty. I told Kilian about the video before he went on a short trip to London and upon his visit to Buckingham Palace he shouted out the line. His moment of inspiration wasn’t very well received so we made it into a chorus.

Musically, we had been messing around with the outro guitar riff for a few weeks which we initially attached to another demo, poorly named “Mark E. Smith Eats His Purple Crayon.” In the end we realized that the riff deserved better, and we started writing what eventually became “Pink Tide.”

In the verses, “Pink Tide” is a little less tense than “Dunkirk” and a little less explosive than “Just In The Band.” It’s a cruising, catchy verse, and in a way it sets you up for the surprise of the chorus, a sardonic post-punk burst disrupting the seemingly laidback music that surrounded it. Before it’s over, Silverbacks unleash those guitars for the riff O’Kelly references. He was right, that riff deserved a proper home — and Silverbacks found it in “Pink Tide.” Check it out below.

“Pink Tide” is out 5/16. Silverbacks’ debut album is out later this year.

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