Christelle Bofale – “Origami Dreams”

Christelle Bofale’s “U Ouchea” was a world unto itself, but it’s just one part of her upcoming debut Swim Team EP. Today, the Austin-based musician is sharing another piece to that puzzle, “Origami Dreams,” which takes on a more concrete problem than the abstractions of that first single: an unrequited love, the gentle shift from fantasy to reality. “Make up your mind/ I don’t have time to wait on you/ Hurry, hurry, hurry up,” Bofale sings, the song picking up feverish with her every repeated intonation.

“‘Origami Dreams’ is about a time I tried out a relationship with someone I considered more a friend,” Bofale explains in a press statement. “They ended up saying ‘I love you’ and I simply couldn’t return the sentiment.”

Listen to it below.

The Swim Team EP is out 5/31 via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.