Marilyn Manson Cast In HBO’s The New Pope

Marilyn Manson will appear in The New Pope, the follow-up to Pablo Sorrentino’s popular HBO miniseries The Young Pope. As Variety reports, Manson’s role in the show in unknown at this point. His guest star status was announced alongside the news that Sharon Stone will also play a part in the upcoming series, which is set to air sometime later this year.

Shooting on the series has already wrapped. Not much is known about it except that Jude Law will be reprising his role as Pope Pius XIII and John Malkovich will also be playing a pope. An abundance of popes! Will Manson play yet another pope? Probably not, but who knows. Why not?

Manson is apparently a big fan of the series, according to Variety, so good for him. Check out a photo of him on set below.