Geto Boys Tour Cancelled

Earlier this month, Bushwick Bill, one third of the great long-running Houston rap group Geto Boys, announced to the world that he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Bill also claimed that he’s planning a bunch of projects — three albums, a book, a documentary — so that he’ll be able to leave something behind for his kids. Shortly after Bill’s diagnosis, the Geto Boys announced plans for a quick four-date tour. (It wasn’t a reunion tour; the Geto Boys never officially broke up, and they’ve done occasional shows together in the past few years. But Geto Boys shows don’t happen all that often.) That tour has now been cancelled.

TMZ reports that Bill pulled the plug on the tour because he didn’t like how promoters were calling billing the shows as “The Beginning Of A Long Goodbye: The Final Farewell.” Bill was concerned that the marketing made it seem like he was on his deathbed. According to TMZ, Bill had been planning the tour, hoping to bill it as a Bushwick And Friends tour, before his cancer diagnosis, and he doesn’t like how promoters turned it into a reunion tour and exploited his illness.

Instead, Bill is now reportedly heading out on a Phuck Cancer solo tour — 20 cities, starting 6/8 in Dallas.