Lisel – “Digital Light Field”

Eliza Bagg of Pavo Pavo recently began releasing music as a solo artist under the moniker Lisel. Last month, we premiered her first single, “Ciphers,” and today she’s sharing its follow-up “Digital Light Field” along with details on debut album Angels On The Slope.

Much like the first single, there’s an otherworldly, warped quality to “Digital Light Field.” Crosswind-like echoey synths create a fluttering horizon. When Bagg’s angelic vocals appear, in combination with a different cutting, edgier synth in the chorus, a visceral elevation can be felt.

Listen to “Digital Light Field” below.

01 “Ciphers”
02 “Digital Light Field”
03 “Hollowmaker”
04 “Vanity”
05 “Bloodletting”
06 “Hunker Down”
07 “GENUiNE”
08 “Sun And The Swarm”
09 “Mirage”
10 “This Time Tomorrow”

Angels on the Slope is out 7/26 on Luminelle. Pre-order the album here.

CREDIT: Laura Lynn Petrick
Tags: Lisel, Pavo Pavo