Trail Of Lies – “Fearless” & “Strong Willed”

The city of Syracuse is a frozen wasteland with a decrepit downtown, a giant mall, a college-football stadium that looks like a UFO landed in the middle of the city, and a whole lot of truly appalling poverty-related statistics. It is a perfect place for hardcore. 30 years ago, Earth Crisis came exploding out of Syracuse, infusing hardcore with apocalyptic metallic sensibilities and environmental warrior ethics. And you can hear plenty of echoes of Earth Crisis in Trail Of Lies, the Syracuse band that released a couple of rippers today.

Trail Of Lies have been releasing music since 2016, and they dropped the album W.A.R. last year. Today, they’ve shared two brutal, simplistic, deeply satisfying hardcore bangers, both named for aspirational adjectives. Below, listen to “Fearless” and “Strong Willed.” Proceed with caution; you might get the uncontrollable urge to smash cinderblocks over your own head immediately after pressing play.

“Fearless” b/w “Strong Willed” is out now on Triple B.