Lost Under Heaven – “Teen Violence”

Lost Under Heaven — the team-up between former WU LYFer Ellery James Roberts and Ebony Hoorn — put out their sophomore album, Love Hates What You Become, at the very beginning of the year.

Today, they’re back with a new song that was originally intended for that album but ended up on the cutting room floor, which Roberts and Hoorn re-recorded in order to release as a single. “Teen Violence” is chaotic and bright, about the confluence of events that leads someone to harm others. “What the hell am I to do with all my fear?” Roberts asks on it.

“‘Teen Violence’ is an allegorical tragedy about an Androgynous Prophet of the Divine Feminine who is brutally silenced by an aggressively ignorant society that is unable to comprehend his/her vision due to the paralysis of Cultural Immaturity,” Roberts said in a statement. “It is a song of our time: this formative moment in human history where we are faced with a plethora of crises that threaten the extinction of the species. Our Politics fail to make adequate response as the wider culture continues to fracture into increasingly oppositional individualist hysteria.”

Listen below.

“Teen Violence” is out now via Mute.