Hundredth – “Cauterize”

Two years ago, Hundredth, a melodic hardcore band from the South Carolina resort town of Myrtle Beach, released RARE, an album absorbed grand and majestic shoegaze sounds and pushed the band into new realms of sound. Hundredth haven’t yet made any announcements about a follow-up to RARE, but last month, they released “Whatever,” a new single that further altered the band’s sound, taking in certain strains of gloomy UK postpunk from the ’80s. And today, they’ve got another single out.

“Cauterize,” the new jam from Hundredth, is more aggressive than “Whatever,” and it could’ve almost qualified as a radio-rock song on the long-lost ’90s. It certainly sounds big enough. The song’s got a huge backbeat, and the guitars have a cinematic vastness. They’ve kept a certain intensity intact from their hardcore days, but they’ve put that in service of a contemplative sort of anthem.

But Hundredth aren’t exactly making arena music. There’s echo all over “Cauterize,” and frontman Chadwick Johnson slathers his voice in effects while keeping a dispassionate distance. He sounds like he’s underwater, and he also sounds like he’s bored. He sings about that distance, too: “Either way / We’re gonna go / Fade to black / Drift off alone.” Somehow, that works. “Cauterize” is catchy and immediate, in its way. Check it out below.

“Cauterize” is out now on the streaming services.

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