Sean Paul Is A Genius, Says Jake Gyllenhaal

Early this morning, we were gifted with one of the best segments in radio history. In case you weren’t aware, Jake Gyllenhaal is a Sean Paul stan. The best part? He’s not wrong.

Gyllenhaal and his Spider-Man: Far From Home co-star Tom Holland were guests on Greg James’ BBC Radio 1 show today. One of the segments was called “Unpopular Opinions,” where listeners send in their hottest takes for guests to decide whether they’re tea or trash. When a listener named Brandon called in with his steaming hot “Sean Paul is overrated” take, Gyllenhaal basically told the host to hang up on him, nearly yelling, “Sean Paul makes every song better he’s in.”

“He’s a genius,” Gyllenhaal continued. “There’s no song he’s on — remix he’s on — that isn’t good,” he professed live. On air. “That is an unpopular opinion, now I understand the game.”

Gyllenhaal might love Sean Paul, but when the host asked what his favorite Sean Paul song was, he answered “the one with Sia” — meaning “Cheap Thrills.” That song was a #1 hit, but in a world where “Temperature” exists, or his fire feature on Beyoncé’s iconic “Baby Boy,” this “Cheap Thrills” pick might be Gyllenhaal’s actual unpopular opinion.

So just in case you missed it, watch Jake Gyllenhaal emphatically (read: hysterically) defend his love of Sean Paul below. It’s endearing to see Donnie Darko care about something.