Kamasi Washington Ends Vienna Show After One Song Because Security Assaulted His Father

Kamasi Washington ended his show in Vienna, Austria last night after only one song because he says a security guard at the venue assaulted his father. Kamasi’s dad, Rickey Washington, is a jazz saxophonist who performs as a touring member of his son’s live band. The Fader reports that Kamasi Washington explained the situation to the audience and played “Truth” off of his 2017 EP Harmony Of Difference before leaving the stage in protest.

“The reason why we’re late tonight is because a security guard here assaulted my father. And I was left with a really difficult choice,” Washingon told the crowd. “I went and I met this man face to face. I said, ‘Sir, why did you assault my father?’ He looked at me, he laughed, and he said it was because he was acting like an asshole. That’s what he said to me. I said, ‘You don’t get to do that to him. We’re going to leave.'”

The venue, Arena Wien, has since released a lengthy statement about the incident on Facebook. According to Arena Wien’s representatives, Rickey Washington and the security guard got into an argument when the former called the latter a “stupid punk ass bitch” after attempting to enter the venue without the necessary pass or identification. They apologized, confirming that all ticket holders will receive refunds and that the proceeds from the event will be donated to an unspecified charity.

Watch video footage of Kamasi Washington’s statement to the audience, filmed by his drummer Tony Austin, below.