Song Of The Summer

Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2019

Appropriately enough for a season defined by swimming pools, sweat, and refreshing ice-cold beverages, the Song Of The Summer is a slippery concept. Does it merely amount to the summer’s most popular and inescapable track? If so, our current Song Of The Summer is “Old Town Road,” objectively the biggest hit of not just summer 2019 but the whole damn year. Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’ joyous country-rap novelty is the year’s most streamed song, and today it will likely be announced as America’s #1 single for the 15th straight week, one shy of the all-time record. (UPDATE: Yep.) Statistically, it rules.

But does it rule in the subjective sense? Does it own? Does it kick all kinds of ass? Because that’s another way to determine the Song Of The Summer: not the most popular song of the moment but the best, the one you’re personally obsessed with, the one that will always transport you back to right now. Maybe the real Song Of The Summer is by Rosalía or Billie Eilish or Mark Ronson or even Purple Mountains. Or should we be getting even more abstract and sussing out which of this season’s big hits and critical faves feels most like a summer jam? I am not sure I even know, but what I do know is that once again, you get to decide.

As is our wont, we at Stereogum are asking you, the voting public, to determine this year’s Song Of The Summer. Polls are open now (see below) and will close at noon ET on Monday, July 22. You only get one vote, so make it count. Oh, and we’re asking for your email address, but only so we can send you our weekly newsletter if you so choose. (We won’t sell it or use it for anything else.)