Squid – “The Cleaner”

The Brighton band Squid have spent the past couple years developing a reputation as one of the most interesting and energizing bands in the UK indie scene. We posted their song “The Dial” last summer, noting its resemblance to the brainy, body-moving post-punk of Television and Talking Heads. Earlier this year they kicked out the ferociously fun “Houseplants,” and today they’ve got another good one.

New single “The Cleaner” continues to pull from the hip-swinging and just-plain-hip rock music of the late ’70s and early ’80s. This one is a bit like if LCD Soundsystem, who share Squid’s enthusiasm for the era, attempted to make a B-52’s song. It’s seven and a half minutes, and its tight groove ably incorporates the cowbell. “I’m the cleaner, but you don’t even know my name!” shouts Ollie Judge. According to a press release the track is inspired by Squid’s move to London.

Here’s what Squid have to say about it:

“The Cleaner” is a lost acquaintance, one that we’ve spent the last year trying to get to know… tirelessly working and turning up whenever needed. We work for the money to spend our time doing other things. “The Cleaner” imagines the divided work and play structure and thinks about breaking from it.

The new song is accompanied by news of an EP called Town Centre coming this fall. It’ll be the first EP on Dan Carey’s singles label Speedy Wunderground. Hear “The Cleaner” below, where you can also find the EP tracklist. And stick around for “Houseplants” too because why the hell not.

01 “Savage
02 “Match Bet”
03 “The Cleaner
04 “Rodeo”

Town Centre is out digitally 9/6 and physically 11/15 on Speedy Wunderground. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Holly Whitaker
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