Lil Nas X Releases “Old Town Road” Area 51 Video, Says He Will Perform At The Raid

Lil Nas X’s “Old Town” road is the #1 song in the country for the 15th week running. Part of its longevity has to do with how well Lil Nas X has been able to hold onto the cultural conversation via whatever wacky memes are currently blowing up on the internet. His latest foray into that zone is a new animated video for the recently released remix of the song that features Young Thug and Mason Ramsey.

The video is set at Area 51, which has been in the news lately thanks to a silly Facebook event circulating promising a mass meet-up at the United States Air Force facility that has long been speculated to be the center of extraterrestrial activity. The government, of course, says it’s a bad idea, but if Lil Nas X is involved, who are they to stop him?

A couple days ago, someone started a GoFundMe to get the chart-topper to play the Area 51 raid. He responded: “i got y’all for free! let’s do this shit.”

Lo and behold, a couple of days later Lil Nas X has released an animated video dubbed “Old Town Raid” that features animated versions of Lil Nas, Cyrus, Thug, and Ramsey saddling up to the alien enclave. It’s chock-full of internet obsessions, from Keanu Reeves to Minecraft. It’s all an obvious bid to keep “Old Town Road” in the conversation and, more importantly, at the top of the charts for the next couple weeks so that the song can break the record for the longest-reigning #1 track.

We’ll see if it works! Support the cause below.