Chance The Rapper Announces Debut Album The Big Day Out Next Week

Chance The Rapper has been teasing his official debut “owbum” for literal years, and ever since winter he’s been telling us it’s out in July. At the end of June he launched a pre-order for the project, and last night on The Tonight Show he revealed some key details to Jimmy Fallon.

The album — Chance’s first project to be identified as such after rising to Grammy-anointed superstardom with a trio of free mixtapes — is called The Big Day. It’s out 7/26, and the above image is its cover art. No word yet on the tracklist or any guest features.

Notably, Chance wore a White Sox cap on Fallon instead of the 3 hat that’s been glued to his head since 2016. If anything signifies that he’s truly entering a new era, it’s that (though I can’t confirm the cap was manufactured by New Era).

On last night’s show, Chance also joined Fallon for a game called Box Of Lies, and he talked about how Donald Glover helped him book a secret role in the new Lion King remake. You can see all that below along with footage of the big album reveal.

The Big Day is out 7/26. Pre-order it here.