Harmony Woods – “Ghosts”

Harmony Woods, the Philadelphia-based band led by Sofia Verbilla, released their first album, Nothing Special, in 2017, an impressive debut that landed them on our Best New Bands list that year. This fall, they’ll release their sophomore album, Make Yourself At Home.

Today, they’re sharing its first single, “Ghosts,” a song preoccupied with the inevitability of death and the mystery of what happens after we’re gone. “Death is not a stranger, every life will have an end/ One day you will die, and only ghosts will be your friend,” Verbilla sings on it. Harmony Woods presents this as a rousing possibility, something to be embraced and understood, making the end just a little less scary.

“This is the first song I ever wrote, and it’s about a lot of the anxieties I experienced as a child and adolescent that have also seemed to bleed into my adulthood,” Verbilla said in a statement. “The lyrics are all sort of one long spiral of worry. You know when everything seems fine but you sort of subconsciously make yourself dwell on something because panic is the only thing you’ve known for a long time? Sometimes we feel comfort and safety in these dark places if they are all we’ve known.”

Listen to it below.

01 “Swing”
02 “Best Laid Plans”
03 “The City’s Our Song”
04 “Ghosts”
05 “That’s Okay”
06 “Keep Going”
07 “Burden”
08 “Misled”
09 “Best Laid Plans II”
10 “Sagittarius”
11 “Halt”

Make Yourself At Home is out 10/4 via Skeletal Lightning.