Black Country, New Road – “Sunglasses”

Black Country, New Road are an enigmatic young British band with only one song and a whole lot of buzz to their name; their debut single “Athens, France” sold out of its pressing on Speedy Wunderground in mere days. And like Black Midi, with whom they’ve played, they’ve built that buzz mostly on the basis of their chaotic live shows.

Today, Black Country, New Road are back with another song, “Sunglasses.” Its nine minutes are a wild ride, morphing from post-rock to post-punk to an explosion of free-jazzy noise (the seven-piece band prominently features a saxophone and a violin).

“It describes a series of events, loosely connected, all yet to happen,” says frontman Isaac Wood. “The song was intended to be highly inspirational. The lyrics are sometimes concerned with symbols of wealth or affluence but they are not written from a critical or even external position.” Listen below.

“Sunglasses” is out now digitally via Speedy Wunderground and 9/6 on vinyl via Blank Editions. Pre-order it here.