Snarls – “Walk In The Woods” Video

Snarls are a young indie band from Columbus who describe themselves on Bandcamp as “glitter emo alt rock.” They plan to follow up last year’s locally buzzy debut EP with an album called Burst later this year. Today we hear its lead single, which lives up to both the album title and the genre description by exploding from the speakers with sparkling color.

Snarls unpacked new song “Walk In The Woods” in a statement, explaining that it “explores the highs and lows of young relationships, and takes an introspective look into becoming one’s own self.” They continued, “The song sprouted during a major time of change for the group – graduating high school and college, learning what your real values are, and trying to figure out how to find your place in the world.”

The band renders these sensations vividly. Amidst a wash of dream-pop guitar sounds, Chlo White and Riley Hall lament, “I can’t quit you baby, no matter how hard I try.” As the music intensifies, their voices surge into the buildup with palpable yearning: “I’m so stuck here!” It’s a serious rush and a remarkable introduction for a band that seems primed to multiply the adulation they’ve already received in their hometown.

“Walk In The Woods” arrives with a video directed by guitarist Mick Martinez. Watch below, and keep your ear to the ground for more Burst singles soon.