0 Stars – “Round 2″

Mikey Buishas, who once made squiggly and alluring songs with the band Really Big Pinecone, has a new project called 0 Stars that’s releasing its debut album, Blowing On A Marshmallow In Perpetuity, next month.

0 Stars seems to be keeping on with the Really Big Pinecone tradition, soft-padded tracks that pack a blunt emotional edge. New single “Round 2″ alternates between peaky tension and heavy sighs, Buishas’ disappointment creaking in every note. The chorus lands especially hard, each word delivered like he’s playing coy but still holding out hope for the future:

No is what I said, but I hope you know I meant
Something like a yes when you asked me if I thought
There would be another time like in 5 or 10 years
When we could go for round 2 like round 1 never happened

Listen to it alongside another track from the album, “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” below.

Blowing On A Marshmallow In Perpetuity is out 8/30 via Babe City Records. Pre-order it here.