Girl Ray – “Show Me More” Video

Two years ago, Girl Ray, a young London trio, released Earl Grey, a truly promising debut that brought back great memories of the winsome twee pop of the ’80s and ’90s. The members of Girl Ray were all 19 when they released Earl Grey, and they’d all met in high school, and it was cool to hear these young women mastering this sound from before any of them had been born. Today, as Brooklyn Vegan points out, Girl Ray have announced the impending release of Girl, their sophomore LP. And this time, they’re less interested in the sorts of sounds that evoke nostalgia in old men like me.

Girl Ray recorded Girl with Christine And The Queens/Metronomy collaborator Ash Workman, and the new album features synths, something that wasn’t there on Earl Grey. This time around, Girl Ray are playing around with pop and R&B sounds; a press release specifically cites Ariana Grande and Rihanna as inspirations. First single “Show Me More” certainly has a sidelong disco thump working for it. But confident intimacy of that first album is still there; it’s just taken a slightly different form.

In director Crusoe Weston’s “Show Me More” video, the three members of Girl Ray bike through London on a foggy day, cruising around a skate park while the camera skids ahead of them. Like the song itself, it feels slick and homemade at the same time. Below, check out the “Show Me More” video and the Girl tracklist.

01 “Girl”
02 “Show Me More”
03 “Just Down The Hall”
04 “Because”
05 “Let It Go”
06 “Takes Time” (Feat. PSwuave)
07 “Friend Like That”
08 “Keep It Tight”
09 “Go To The Top”
10 “Beautiful”
11 “Like The Stars”

Girl is out 11/8 on Moshi Moshi.