Dozens Storm The Gates At Lollapalooza, Cops Only Manage To Stop Kid With One Leg

The kids love storming things these days — watch out, Area 51! — and yesterday, it was Lollapalooza’s turn. Dozens of aspiring festivalgoers stormed the gates at Lollapalooza, hopping over the fence en masse. According to footage posted online, the cops guarding the festival only managed to stop one guy with a prosthetic leg, which doesn’t even seem fair.

Nonetheless, officials claim that no one actually managed to storm their way into the festival: “Statement re: the attempted breach of an exterior perimeter fence at Lolla today. Our robust security plan, which includes multiple layers of fences worked. No one gained entry. Note to anyone who’s thinking about trying it: offenders will be charged with criminal trespass.” Multiple fences? What is this sorcery?

The real question is…who were these kids trying to see so badly? Were they desperate Hozier fans? Or perhaps inspired by headliners Tenacious D?

UPDATE: The guy with the prosthetic leg got in and managed to get backstage and meet Rich The Kid.

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