Watch Tomberlin Cover Joanna Newsom’s “Go Long”

It should come as no surprise that Sarah Beth Tomberlin is a Joanna Newsom fan. There’s quite a bit in common with the beautifully still music that the Artist To Watch made on her debut album, At Weddings. In an interview with The Fader from last year, Tomberlin talked about how much she liked Newsom’s music:

I realized it’s kind of fun to sometimes do that with music โ€” to have conflicting melodies. I think that’s why I really loved Joanna Newsom when I found her; all of her music could be in the Bible. There’s hardly a repeated word. I don’t really like writing choruses. I like writing in a way where the verses carry the song, like a story.

Last night, the artist — who recently moved to Los Angeles from Kentucky — posted a really wonderful cover of Newsom on her Instagram. It’s Tomberlin taking on one of Newsom’s many epically constructed tracks, Have One On Me’s “Go Long.” Check it out below.