Watch WWE Star Bray Wyatt Enter To New Code Orange Theme Music At Summerslam

For months, WWE has been teasing the return of Bray Wyatt, one of the best villains in wrestling. In recent years, Wyatt’s character has been a sort of Cape Fear-esque bayou cult leader. But after that character got stale and Wyatt disappeared from TV for a while, he reinvented himself. On WWE TV, he’s been appearing as a deranged kids’-TV host. And he also had another new character: The Fiend, a masked monster. (Tom Savini, the horror-movie makeup legend, created the mask for Wyatt.) Last night, Wyatt wrestled his first match as the Fiend at Summerslam, one of WWE’s biggest annual shows. He defeated Finn Bàlor in about three minutes. Before the match, Wyatt entered to his new theme music, and it comes from Code Orange, the great Pittsburgh hardcore brooders.

Before last night, Wyatt already had one of the best entrance themes in WWE: “Live In Fear,” a nicely tingly piece of swamp-rock from the musician Mark Crozier. But last night at Summerslam, Wyatt’s Fiend came out to Code Orange’s churning, heaving version of “Live In Fear” — making it clear that this is essentially still the same character, albeit a darker version. Watch the big moment below.

WWE almost always has its entrance music done in-house, so it’s pretty notable that they’ve roped a band as big as Code Orange into doing this song. But this isn’t Code Orange’s first time working with WWE. Two years ago, Code Orange and Incendiary frontman Brendan Garrone performed while the great Dutch wrestler Aleister Black walked to the ring at Takeover Brooklyn III, a show from WWE’s NXT brand.