New Supreme Shirt Is A Takeoff On ’90s Chant Album

The very first Supreme shop opened its doors on Manhattan’s Lafayette Street, just south of Houston, in April 1994. Coincidentally (???), only weeks earlier, on March 15, 1994, the Benedictine Monks Of Santo Domingo De Silos dropped Chant. You remember Chant? Yeah you do. But if you don’t, don’t stress; we remember it for you:

In 1994 the monks had a massive out-of-nowhere hit with their debut, simply titled Chant, a double-disc collection that collected recordings made at their monastery in remote Spain. The CD sold more than three million copies worldwide, and its cover — a surrealistic image depicting monks floating in a Simpsons-blue sky — became iconic among housewives, college kids, ravers, slackers, yuppies, hippies, alt-rockers, and New Agers.

Over the last quarter century, Supreme has collaborated with a billion “iconic” musicians, and appropriated “iconic” imagery from a billion others (Blur, Portishead, Shelter, Spacemen 3 …), and today, the streetwear brand unveils its Fall/Winter 2019 collection, which add a few more to those billions.

First and foremost, there’s a Mary J. Blige collab. Second: a Meat Is Murder-“inspired” graphic (perhaps a subtle reference to the brand’s last experience working with a member of the Smiths). And last but not least … a Chant T-shirt!? (?!) You can see the shirt above, here’s the CD sleeve art for reference:

I gotta admit, this is an unexpected reference, and one that will surely be 100% unfamiliar to 100% of the people waiting in line on drop day. AND YET? It looks quite sick. You gonna cop?