Watch Post Malone & Twenty One Pilots Cover Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back In Anger” At Leeds Festival

If you want to severely bum yourself out this Monday morning, look at the lineup of the first-ever Leeds Festival, from 1999. Then look at this year’s lineup. When Leeds, an offshoot of the decades-running Reading Festival, began 20 years ago, there was plenty of cheesed-out radio-rock on the bill; the Offspring, after all, were one spot down from headlining. But who wouldn’t take that over twin Sunday-night headliners Post Malone and Twenty One Pilots? Because that’s what was happening at Leeds last night. At least those two headliners came together in a virtuosic display of pandering.

Last night, during Twenty One Pilots’ set, the duo invited fellow headliner Post Malone to the stage. There are few things in this life that Post Malone enjoys more than playing dorm-room acoustic-guitar covers of ’90s alt-rock nuggets. And last night, he got to do that on a grand stage, joining Twenty One Pilots for a big singalong version of Oasis’ 1995 anthem “Don’t Look Back In Anger.”

The second-best part of the “Don’t Look Back In Anger” cover is the gigantic crowd shout-along that results. Admittedly, inciting a mass Oasis singalong in England is about the easiest thing you can do, but the spectacle is always impressive anyway. But the best thing about this is imagining Liam Gallagher’s face when he inevitably encounters this video on his phone this morning. Watch the fan-shot footage below.

Your soul slides away. Post Malone’s new album is called Hollywood Bleeding and it’s coming out next week, 9/6.