Jenn Champion – “Undone – The Sweater Song” (Weezer Cover)

Jenn Champion – “Undone – The Sweater Song” (Weezer Cover)

Jenn Champion, formerly of S and Carissa’s Wierd, released her first album under her own name last year. Single Rider was the follow-up to 2014’s Cool Choices, which she released under the her S moniker. Last month, Champion released a new track called “Turn Up The Radio” with French producer Victor le Masne. And today, the Seattle singer-songwriter returns with her full album reimagining of Weezer’s iconic 1994 self-titled debut.

Champion’s version trades guitars for synths. She expands on the making of her cover album in a statement.

I knew i wanted to take a synth heavy approach to this album and in my mind the blue album was pretty straight forward indie power pop. But as i was deconstructing all the parts and putting the songs back together i realized how much nuance there is to Cuomo’s songwriting style. It’s a testament to his talent that he can make an entire record of songs we want to sing along to and don’t realize just how weird those songs are.

I will say it was a challenge, a really fun challenge ! to keep true to what makes these songs so great while putting them through an electronic lens.

Her rendition of The Blue Album is only available by subscribing to Turntable Kitchen’s “SOUNDS DELICIOUS” vinyl record club. Subscribers will receive both physical and digital copies of the album. But today she’s sharing her glittering synth-pop cover of “Undone – The Sweater Song” for all to hear. Listen below.

The Blue Album is out now.

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