Stream Shoreline Mafia’s Party Pack, Vol. 2

In the past two years, the young LA rap group Shoreline Mafia have emerged as cult heroes in their hometown and up and down the West Coast. They make defiantly ignorant party-music, but they do it with a completely flat affect, as if they couldn’t possibly care any less about what they’re doing while they’re doing it. That combination — bouncy, Bay Area-derived energy with unflappable cool — makes for some unlikely and addictive music. And today, we get to hear a whole lot of it.

Shoreline Mafia tend to operate anarchically, throwing music out into the world regularly without any sort of centralized plan. A lot of their best songs are YouTube or SoundCloud loosies that aren’t even on any particular streaming services. (Their SOB x RBE collab “Da Move” was one of my favorite songs of last year, and it wasn’t on the proper streaming services for months.) So it’s good news that Shoreline Mafia just put out the new collection Party Pack, Vol. 2 — a rare opportunity to hear a bunch of the group’s songs in one place, without having to do the scavenger hunt yourself.

Party Pack, Vol. 2 follows last year’s Party Pack EP, and like that one, it’s more of a playlist than a proper album-length statement. The collection gives the different Shoreline members a few solo showcases, and it also features appearances from fellow young up-and-comers like Chicago’s Warhol.SS and LA’s Mac P Dawg and from perma-stoned elder statesman Curren$y. Also, “Wake Me Up In Traffic,” the collaboration with incarcerated LA street heroes 03 Greedo and Drakeo The Ruler ends the project, coming right after the Shoreline track “Free Drakeo, Free Greedo.” Stream Party Pack, Vol. 2 below.

Party Pack, Vol. 2 is out now on Atlantic.