Sugar World – “Sad In Heaven”

Sugar World is a new project from Katryn Macko and Ryan Stanley, formerly of the Florida band Naps, who broke up back in 2016 but not before releasing two really great EPs that justified us naming them on our Best New Bands list. The two of them have relocated to San Diego since then, but their debut single, “Sad In Heaven,” picks up where Naps left off, a gauzy pop song that’s simple in construction and relentlessly catchy. It’s a song about finding unhappiness in every corner, but it leaks light. “I weep until the angels sing a chorus of sighs/ And when I die/ My friends will be around me and they’ll try to be nice,” Macko and Stanley sing together. “I’ll find a way to be sad in heaven.” Listen below.

“Sad In Heaven” is out now.

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